Our Team

The staff at Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Durham is here to provide exceptional service and care so your pet is not fearful of going to the animal hospital to see the vet.

Dr. Amber Meade


Dr. Meade earned her veterinary degree from North Carolina State University in 2009, and she became certified in acupuncture by attending the Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians course in Colorado. Prior to opening Broadway Veterinary Hospital in downtown Durham, Dr. Meade has worked as a vet in a corporate small animal hospital, a private practice small animal hospital, and an animal emergency hospital. Prior to her pursuit of veterinary medicine, she earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Tampa with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. Upon graduation, she worked as a veterinary assistant in a 24-hour emergency and referral animal hospital in Florida for over 2 years. She then relocated to the Washington, DC area and worked in a human infectious disease lab utilizing PCR to detect disease. This led her to pursue a graduate degree in Immunology at Duke University in Durham. However, her passion to work with animals remained, and after earning her Master’s in Science degree at Duke, she pursued her doctorate of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Meade is proud to be a small business owner within the Durham community! Since moving to Durham in 2001, she has been impressed with the revitalization that has occurred in downtown Durham. She feels that it is important to support small, locally-owned businesses in order to help maintain and strengthen the local economy. She officially considers herself a Durhamite, and she hopes to live, work, and retire in Durham.

Dr. Meade currently owns two middle-aged cats and one middle-aged dog. Her dog, Bear, has three legs due to an injury that would not heal with multiple surgical procedures. Bear lives a normal life with many people not realizing that he is missing a leg when they first meet him! One of her cats was reunited with her after being missing for 7 years. The presence of a microchip allowed her to be contacted once the cat was found. Her love of veterinary medicine and the desire to open an animal hospital were in part due to her many wonderful pets that she has had the pleasure of knowing in her life.


Office Manager 

Rachael is a dedicated and passionate professional in the veterinary field, bringing a unique blend of philosophical thinking and hands-on experience to her role as Office Manager at Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. Her journey began in central Florida, where she earned a bachelor’s in philosophy from Stetson University.

Eager to gain practical experience before pursuing her master’s degree, Rachael started her career as a vet assistant at a rehabilitation hospital for animals. Here she was recognized for her quick grasp of responsibilities and had a keen eye for opportunities to enhance processes, she rose to the position of Assistant Practice Manager. In this role, she not only learned the intricacies of treating animals holistically but also gained an appreciation for the deep bonds between pet owners and their furry companions.

In the summer of 2023, Rachael, accompanied by her sassy cat Marvin Darkness and her partner Jake, embarked on a journey to Durham. The family expanded with the addition of a new feline member, Clancy Sweet Cheeks. Rachael and Jake quickly embraced their new life in North Carolina.

Returning to the veterinary field, Rachael secured a position as the Office Manager at Broadway Veterinary Hospital. In her role, she brings her passion for optimizing workflows, fostering transparent communication, building strong teams, and upholding the highest standards of professionalism.

Navigating both the joyful and challenging aspects of her profession, Rachael approaches each situation with a determination to make a positive impact. She values honesty and objectivity in her relationships, creating an environment that encourages open and genuine interactions with both her team and clients. Rachael’s journey reflects not only her dedication to the well-being of animals but also her commitment to creating a supportive and thriving work environment in the veterinary field.


Veterinary Technician

Alicia has been working with animals from a young age. As a teenager, she spent time volunteering in the local animal hospital. While in college, she spent a summer volunteering at the Cincinnati Zoo. There she was given the opportunity to shadow zookeepers in several areas and learn about enriching the animals’ habitats. In the summer of 2006, she started working as a kennel assistant in the same animal hospital where she had once volunteered. During that time, she decided to pursue a career as a veterinary technician and attended an AVMA accredited veterinary technology program at the University of Cincinnati. After graduating, she became a license veterinary technician in Ohio and continued to work on her skills at the same small animal practice. In 2009, life brought her to the Triangle area. She’s worked in several hospitals in the area always with the number one priority of providing caring and quality treatment to the animals. She also spent a short period working in a specialty hospital in the Internal Medicine and Oncology departments before deciding to return to general practice. Alicia is happy to be a part of a local animal hospital that provides genuine caring service to the patients presented to them.

Alicia fell in love with the Triangle area, more specifically Durham, from the time she moved here. She enjoys spending time with her fiancé and two pups, often on the trails of the Eno. She enjoys running when the weather is right. She also enjoys taking advantage of the perfect placement of the Triangle in regards to the mountains and the beach.

Alicia is excited to see what the future holds for Broadway Veterinary Hospital, and she is looking forward to providing high quality care for all pups and kitties that call Bull City home.

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Veterinary Technician

Gabrielle has worked with animals since 2014. She graduated from a local AVMA accredited veterinary technical program in 2017. After graduating she worked for a mixed practice veterinary hospital before she decided she wanted to get into emergency medicine. She worked at a local emergency specialty hospital, while studying to pass her VTNE to become a registered veterinary technician, which she did in 2018. For the next three years Gabby had the opportunity to be mentored by some great people and work on her skills so that she could give the best care possible to her patients. Gabby loved working with senior and critical patients in emergency and intensive care medicine because she stated, “you are working with people and their pets at one of the worst times of their lives and it is just the greatest feeling being able to help them.” “Nursing a sick animal back to health day by day in the ICU, seeing that animal go home is the greatest reward in the world.”

In 2021 Gabrielle returned to general practice with a goal of giving the best quality care possible. Gabby came to Broadway in 2022 and is dedicated to giving your pets the highest quality of care. Gabby lives in Henderson, N.C. with her husband of 22yrs. They have four grown children and one grandchild. Two dogs, a Chihuahua named Cheech and Pitbull named Karma. When not working Gabby loves to garden, cook, watch true crime and horror shows or movies and make crafts.


Veterinary Assistant

Darrel moved with his family to North Carolina from New Jersey in 2000. Upon obtaining his degree in Applied Science, he embarked on a career in the dental field. In his initial role, Darrel collaborated with a doctor who had a keen interest in studying various forms of dentistry beyond human dental care. It was during this experience that he realized animals face many of the same dental issues as humans, sparking his fascination with animal dental care.

Motivated by this newfound interest, Darrel seized opportunities to expand his skillset in the veterinary field. Through this transition, he discovered a fresh passion for his work and now proudly owns a loving dog named Jersey.

Currently employed at Broadway Veterinary Hospital, Darrel finds himself in the perfect professional setting. Here, he not only pursues his passion for animal dental care but also contributes to an outstanding pet care team